3 Stunning Lakes in Kodaikanal

3 Stunning Lakes in Kodaikanal

31 Jan 2022 14:07PM

Posted By :   Bhuvan Gupta


Princes of hill stations, Kodaikanal absolutely deserves its title! The environment-friendly environments here are just as wonderful like its environment. The all-natural charm of this hill town in South India never stops working to impress any of its site visitors, credit ratings to its many gorgeous tourist spots. When below, you can awaken to an attractive sunup as well as spend your day checking out the spectacular treking places and also hiking routes! At night, go back to your resorts or resorts in Kodaikanal and delight in the scenic views from your window or balcony with a favorite! After Kodaikanal sightseeing, if you have any more time on your hand, you can additionally go as well as see capital terminals near Kodaikanal.

Whatever you do on your Kodaikanal journey, one thing is a must. Visiting the lakes! Kodaikanal houses some of the most mesmerising lakes of India. Which is why we urge you add the lakes to your listing. Which lakes to add? Well, you book your trip to Madurai (because Kodaikanal doesn't have its own airport terminal) as well as head to Kodaikanal by means of roadways. Meanwhile, we will certainly provide the 3 must-visit lakes of Kodaikanal for you!

Kodaikanal Lake
You need to start your Kodaikanal sightseeing with its name, Kodaikanal Lake, the deepest lake in Kodaikanal. This lake in the Dindigul area is a man-made sensation, constructed in the shape of a star, that will make you fall in love in no time! As a matter of fact, its beauty has attracted many Bollywood film directors and has been the background for numerous Bollywood movies. When you visit the lake, make certain to maintain time in your hand as this is the largest lake in Kodaikanal and that implies you will certainly need fairly some time to explore the lake! One more point to keep in mind while preparing a journey here! The lake continues to be open for visitors from 6 am to 5 pm. As well as no entrance fee is required.

What to do at Kodaikanal Lake?
There is no lack of points to do at the largest lake in Kodaikanal. Beginning with boating. You will definitely appreciate paddling through the cold water of the lake amid nature's bounty. You can likewise fish, biking and also equine riding. Swimming is allowed at the lake also, but also for that, you will certainly need to register at one of the watercraft clubs. Besides this enjoyable activity, there is a flower program that you can go to or check out the nearby attractions, Kodaikanal Solar Observatory and Kumbakkarai Falls!

When to visit Kodaikanal Lake?
You can pay a visit to this set of the crucial lakes in Kodaikanal at any time of the year. Still, right here is what you require to recognize. The excellent time for a Kodaikanal Lake trip is between the summer season of April to June. The weather condition in these two months is perfect for taking in the sights, participating in the enjoyable lake tasks and likewise, for experiencing the flower program. Winter season as well as monsoon months can be a great time too. Yet there is simply one concern. During the downpour, you might not be able to participate in boating!

Berijam Lake
Our following destination is the lengthiest lake in Kodaikanal! If you wish to invest some time away from the city's crowd, Berijam Lake is your spot. The first thing that will certainly catch your attention here is its all-natural appeal. Likewise, the lake is home to numerous wildlife animals, making it among the most effective places to visit in Kodaikanal for wild animals lovers. No entry fee is required here. As well as the lake is open from 9 am to 3 pm. So, make your strategies as necessary.

What to do at Berijam Lake?
There are lots of alternatives for you at this biggest freshwater lake in Kodaikanal! Wildlife fans, take place a jeep safari. A safari around the lake is the very best means to explore all its plants and also animals. Any kind of trekking enthusiasts in the house? The Pambar Falls hiking with magnificent scenic views awaits you! Bird viewing as well as angling are likewise terrific options. And prior to you ask, no, boating is not offered here, because this lake is the resource of drinking water of a neighboring town! In in between all these enjoyable tasks, you can go and also check out the Guna Caves, Pillar Rocks as well as Fairy Falls!

When to see Kodaikanal Lake?
In Between October and also May, you can visit this freshwater lake in Kodaikanal anytime. The weather condition continues to be fairly good and you will certainly be able to appreciate your journey at its finest. Gale can interfere with all these outside tasks, hence is better to avoid. One more thing to keep in mind! You must reach the lake a little early in the morning due to the fact that Kodaikanal's largest freshwater lake nearby 3 pm as well as only a certain number of lorries are enabled.

Mannavanur Lake
We go to among one of the most peaceful areas in the hill town of Kodaikanal, the Mannavanur Lake. Calling it a nature fan's heaven is not an overstatement. As you drive in the direction of the Mannavanur village, you can see this scenic lake, living in harmony in the middle of stunning fields and also pine trees. The greenery as well as animals below are various other crucial tourist attractions. You can visit the lake anytime in between 9.30 am to 5 pm. As well as you will have to pay a minimal entry cost.

What to do at Mannavanur Lake?
There are numerous benches around the location. Resting on any one of the benches, taking pleasure in the views and viewing the birds flying by while soaking in the peace, is the best point to do. Yet if you want some fun activities, boating, coracle flights and also horse trips can be the most effective picks. After that, you can walk the Mannavanur village as well.

When to visit Mannavanur Lake?
After the downpour, when the lake and also its surrounding become rejuvenated, is the ideal time to visit the lake. From after that till June, you can intend a journey below whenever! The weather condition continues to be comfy for both sightseeing as well as fun tasks!

In the long run, we will certainly state this much. Visiting the lakes is among the most enjoyable things to do in Kodaikanal. And also you have to not miss the experience while you remain in the town!


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